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John Wilkison’s Watercolors and the Southern Visual Narrative

by Megan Kelly in Nashville Arts Magazine


It’s apparent as soon as I enter this space: surrounded by tidy collections of glass spheres, shells, and art books, here is a home for thoughtfulness and reflection. As I hear him begin to talk about his work and practice, I soon know that John Wilkison is a keenly observant individual, a man whose watercolor practice of over forty years has refined his sense of color and technique.


Much of Wilkison’s watercolor work derives from fascination: with found stories, with painterly challenges, with regions and histories. His interests reflect not only an awareness of Southern culture and traditions but also a studied approach to art history. Several of his works reference Greek mythology or build upon painterly Renaissance traditions but take a unique spin on their foundations. With a sense of color heightened by his time in Santa Fe—“There, the clarity of the air really teaches you to see hidden hues, secret violets”—yet selective and restrained through a Realist’s brush, Wilkison’s work explores palette choices as vehicles for psychological narrative and emotional tonality in color selection as a way of approaching the Southern visual narrative.




Pryor Art Gallery to Host Watercolor Workshop by John Wilkison

by Andrea Hinds  on  Date: July 17, 2015


By popular demand, Columbia State Community College’s Pryor Gallery will be hosting a second watercolor workshop with award winning artist, John Wilkison Oct 17-18 from 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.


“I am pleased that John is sharing his profound watercolor mastery with our students and community,” said Michele Wilkinson, Pryor Gallery curator. “He won a “Best of Show” at the annual Tennessee Watercolor Society exhibit this year which was celebrated in New York City and was inducted into the prestigious American Watercolor Society.”




Wandering watercolors: Exhibition that crossed Tennessee comes to Chattanooga

by Lynda Edwards on Times Free Press  Date: November 23rd, 2014


Visitors also will be able to see the watercolor portrait called "Ivory" by John Wilkison of Nashville, which won Best in Show among the paintings. The $1,500 cash award, the grand prize, was raised by Chattanooga businesses and supporters to honor the memory of Jane Yelliott, a longtime member of In-Town Gallery on Frazier Avenue, who died last December.




Rich Canvases Saturate Watercolor Event

by Molly Glentzer for the Houston Chronicle Date: March 21, 2013


Some Houston galleries pride themselves on severe editing, hanging exhibits with fewer than a half-dozen works of art.

Not the Watercolor Art Society-Houston, whose walls are chockablock during its biggest event of the year, the 36th annual International Exhibition. Ninety paintings were accepted into the juried show. Most are for sale, and Saturday the society's parking lot will be filled with bargain buys created by area watercolor artists.


That lot was full of cars last week, when internationally known artist and author Jan Fabian Wallake, who judged the exhibit, was there teaching a painting workshop.




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