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Watercolors that warm your decor

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Have you ever considered the impact artwork not only has on your decor but also the emotional and psychological impression

A great painting adds design, warmth and humanity to an otherwise dead wall. In this painting, the viewer is carried through a series of light and shadow movements set by the artist to keep the viewer IN the painting. The viewer must NEVER want to leave the art. Once caught in the picture, the viewer must be enticed and WANT to stay.

A great painting carries with it a sense of mystery. The more it is viewed the more the viewer WANTS to look at it again and again! It is this abstract quality that is most important in the art. The American Watercolor Society Annual show in New York City, and the National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition in California, every year, are wonderful places to see some of the finest water-media works from all over the world.

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