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Is Amazon a good place to buy art supplies?

Updated: Jan 26

Of course! Everything is for sale on Amazon, and the best part of it, it is delivered straight to your front door! Not only this, but often Amazon is the only source for quality art supplies! In watercolor, the use of the finest paints is essential to a lasting, light fast quality painting. Winsor and Newton professional grade watercolors has been my personal choice for the past 50 years.

Paper is the next essential. Cheap paper leads to a cheap look. This is because in a transparent watercolor there is NO white paint. The white of the paper IS the white of the painting! My choice has always been Hot Pressed, 300-pound paper from Fabriano. A 22" x 30" sheet is a good start. This is called 100% Rag (or 100% cotton) paper. There should never be any percentage of wood pulp in a quality watercolor paper!

There are many top dealers under the Amazon umbrella. Cheap Joes Art Supplies always carries a large quantity of quality paints, brushes and papers. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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