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About this item:

  • ULTRA DURABLE - The premium pruning clippers are constructed of forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades. All pruner components can be replaced in this dependable model.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The garden scissors are suitable for every type of pruning with its ergonomic hand fitting design. Ergonomically designed cushioned-shock absorber softens the cutting impact for increased comfort and reduced risk of injury.

  • PRECISE PRUNING - This bypass pruner offers a large cutting capacity and well-balanced weight for optimal gardening. This high-performance pruner features a wire cutter for small wires and a sap groove to minimize the blade sticking.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Hardened steel blade and screw-mounted anvil blade ensure reliably clean, precise cuts. Narrow pointed anvil blade allows easy access to twiggy branches and assures a close cut to the trunk.

  • FOR MEDIUM HAND - The Swiss-made plant cutter is optimal for medium-sized hands. The small branch trimmer has a 7.9-inch (200mm) length, 0.79-inch (20mm) cutter diameter, and has a 0.58 lb. (265 gram) weight.

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