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Chocolates for your Love

Godiva's Belgian Assorted chocolate 10.9 OZ.

Here is a beautiful and delicious box of Belgium chocolates for a special love. This is 10.9 ounces of mixed sweetness done in the luxurious Godiva manner. Rooted in our world-famous Belgian traditions, Godiva’s Collection combines creative expertise with the latest techniques to deliver a luxurious chocolate experience for all. Made from the finest ingredients, our decadent chocolates create an intense flavor experience. The combination of our delicious Belgian chocolates and elegant gift box makes a memorable gift for loved ones, friends or a treat for yourself! I earn from Qualifying purchases. So, I have to be good. Enjoy!

Godiva's iconic gold gift box includes an assortment of gourmet milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and white chocolates made with the highest-quality ingredients. Presented in an elegant gift box with a gold ribbon, this collection of delectable treats makes a sensational gift for friends, family, or colleagues who crave unique flavor combinations from chewy caramels to refreshing fruits to crunchy nuts. Does your sweet tooth need satiating? Sample these decadent Belgian fillings for yourself.

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